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It Was The ‘O2 Live Chat’ What Done Him In…

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I need a temporary mobile for a couple of weeks so I bought as PAYG SIM from O2. After spending around 40mins trying to ‘top up’ the mobile account with the SIM details, etc I could see I was getting nowhere fast. Each time when I entered debit card’s details the page just said “ooops something is broken’, little did I realise, within the next hour, something else was going to be broken; me. I called O2 from the handset but there is no way to talk to a human being. So I opted for the ‘Live Chat’ facility on O2’s website where I ‘chatted’ to an O2 operative called Abhijeet. Abhijeet was very thorough and wanted lots of details from me including the mobile phone number in question, the 9 digit SIM Serial Number (referred to as the ‘SSN’ for ease of chat), my home address, my email address, an alternative phone number, details of the last credit card I used (the last four numbers on the front, the expiry date, the address the card was registered to) and other mind spinning details of my life and previous existences/incarnations.


It was decided by Abhijeet that the only way to resolve my issue was for me to set up a regular payment to O2 and then cancel this at a later date (what could possibly go wrong with that?). I wanted to tell Abhijeet I would rather put my cock in the open mouth of a crocodile and then punch it in the face to see what happened next but I managed to bite my tongue (I almost poisoned myself) and continue in a more polite, less sarcastic manner. Well, that was my plan. Abhijeet then started to just repeat all the questions he had already been asking me for the last 25 mins; it was at this point I knew it was time to say goodbye…

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